Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Glenn Greenwald, A Much Needed Voice

I've modified some of the language of the earlier post.  Hat tip to The Old New Englander(TONE). 

Here's a link to a really important column by Glenn Greenwald of Salon on the pernicious problem of liberal Jews being smeared as anti-Israel and anti-Semitic by those whose unconditional support of Likud, right wing, extremist elements in Israel is so blatantly tribal, putting the interests of that element of Israel ahead of the interests of the American people. 

Progressive Jews like MJ Rosenberg,  formerly an AIPAC official, frequently observe that the behavior of the right wing element in Israel is actually not in Israel's long term interests, nor in America's.

Glenn Greenwald himself is to be commended and applauded for his openly critical stance against those whose goal is to destroy any writer who dares to question any behavior of Israel, no mater how heinous. 

His is surely one of the most important voices crying out in the wilderness of honest, decent, truth-speaking-to- power journalists.



The Old New Englander said...

Surely you don't really mean "almost traitorous." Treason--the only crime defined in the Constitution--consists of "levying war war against [the United States], or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort." Clearly, that cannot apply to those who might be too vocal in their support for Israel.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

I thought better of the use of the phrase almost treasonous right after I published the post. TONE has caught be up short since I didn't act on my better judgment, didn't change it. That was an emotional reaction, not a reasoned one. But I can get pretty worked up about people who condone Likud Israel's behavior,like the Israel lobbies in this country.

TONE calls such people "too vocal in their support of Israel". I have no quarrel with people being vocal, and I don't know how to measure "too vocal" It's the unconditional support of Likud Israel that chaps me. It's probably a good thing though that these people are too vocal, since it makes Americans aware of the huge impact Israel lobbies have on Congress and the Executive branch.

I'll work on a better wording for that post.