Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Hitch Is Dead

Update below:

There have been numerous eulogies to Christopher Hitchens since his death a few days ago.  Most have been glowing, focusing on his intellect and wit.  They seem to be from people who profess to being his long time friend.

Glenn Greenwald has a different take on this  Read it here.  He starts with his objection to the deifying of Ronald Reagan, setting that up for comparison to the glowing eulogies for Hitchens. 

As a self-confessed agnostic I read Hitchens' atheist diatribes about religion with interest and curiosity,  though I think he didn't give enough credit to the good things people in many churches do.  What he was correct about was his stance against the pernicious practice of most versions of religion around the world to justify horrible behavior and to turn a blind eye to the inexcusable universal abuse of innocents by clergy and fundamentalist extremists.

Update:   Here is another opinion about Hitchens by Kevin Drum of Mother Jones.  He focuses more on Hitchens' politics than his vitriol on religion.  But both Drum and Greenwald would seem to agree that "the hagiography(I had to look it up) is getting a little too thick to bear".



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