Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Liberal Moral Purity?

Here's a piece by a guy who says that Liberals have always had to decide whether to vote for the Democratic candidate for president, who is more a centrist than a left winger, or sit out the election, and risk
a GOPher victory.

Moral purity!  Of course there is no such thing, but right now I'm put off, kind of horrified, by Obama's use of drones to assassinate enemies, plus his being co-opted, like all recent presidents, by the military/industrial complex.

But I have to vote for him because the possibility of Romney being elected is much more repugnant.

Dems need to fall in line behind their nominee, just like GOPhers always do, and stop falling all over themselves to do the righteous thing.  That's self-righteous.  Moral purity/conviction be damned.


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