Monday, June 11, 2012

Mind Boggling Stats

It's mind boggling that almost half of Americans believe in Creationism, including God creating humans and the Earth about 10,000 years ago.

What is so scary is that these people will vote, clearly not on facts, but on their own belief in how the world was made, at best a fairy tale, like Santa Clause and  the Easter bunny.  Why do they come to see that those are really fairy tales, but continue to believe that Creationism is true reality?

That the numbers have changed little over many years, and a couple of generations, does not bode well for
having an enlightened electorate any time soon.

How does one campaign for office in view of this fact?


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Anonymous said...

That really is a shocking statistic. There is no way I could confirm that based on the friends and family that I hang out with. Although I have not polled them!
Citizens want to hang onto something even if it turns out to be false, they hang on to(believe) even more. It is tragicly irresposible of the misguided preachers that are feeding this dope to their flocks.
If the leaders of the various religeons would just stick to the basic teachings we would be a lot better off as world citizens. We should remember that Germany was a Christian nation during the rise of Fascism. That says less about Christian belief than the ways hypnotic evil thoughts that can sometimes be implanted in humankind.

Old Dude