Monday, February 11, 2008

Training for the Big Fight

The GOPhers are falling in line, and teaming up to take on Hillary. Right wing evangelicals and numerous Republican politicians have announced support for McCain in the past few days.

George Will said nothing would so unite Republicans as would Hillary being the Dem nominee.
They're spoiling for a fight.

After a Clinton vs McCain campaign, there would be no healing worth talking about, regardless of which one might win. It would be pay back time, big time. The hate runs deep on both sides.

Obama would be more problematical for the GOPher attack machine. Most likely they'd have to focus mostly on his lack of experience and being somewhat untested. But he is popular and not polarizing. In fact he is inclusive in his "Yes We Can" mantra.

The Dems must come to understand, as the Republicans do, that the goal is to win the White House and a bullet proof majority in Congress. Rather than falling in love with one candidate or the other they need to fall in line behind the one who can not only win against McCain, but can relegate the calumny between the House of Bush, McCain now having been adopted into the family, and the House of Clinton, to the history books.

Pass it on.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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