Saturday, February 9, 2008

What The Fix!!

I am heartened and encouraged to read today that a respected poll, if there is such a thing, reports that a lot of people think that the best cure for the economy is to get the hell out of Iraq.

I'm often frustrated by how long it takes for the American people to get it. But as one who struggles with many things in life I shouldn't be amazed. Sometimes the struggles consume us so much that we find ourselves up to our ass in alligators and don't have time to drain the swamp.

Finally, after more years campaigning than governing, talking more than doing, pontificating more than connecting, the candidates are having to deal with that world of reality, coming into that world of personal struggles, and having to tell the folks on Main Street what they will do in office.

It's not to be assumed that the folks on Main Street will be consistently swayed by a candidate who promises a quick fix for his or her problems. That would be selling the American electorate woefully short.

What encourages me about today's news, if a poll qualifies as news, is that most people think that getting out of Iraq is what's needed to solve the problems of the economy.

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