Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IRS Challenges Tax Status of Obama's Church

The IRS is challenging the tax exempt status of the Protestant Christian Church denomination of which Barack Obama is a member and communicant; The United Church of Christ, or UCC.

Obama was one of the invited guest speakers at the annual conference of the General Synod of the UCC in Hartford, CT in June, 2007.

Apparently the IRS is claiming that the nature of the speech was political, and thus in violation of the tax exempt status of the church.

I know personally some of those in attendance that day and they report having heard Obama make a Christian testimonial to his faith before fellow congregants and members of that faith.


John McCain makes a speech at Liberty University, not exactly a bastion of progressive views, George W. Bush makes a speech to southern, evangelical, fundamentalist religious broadcasters, which you can check out here, McCain seeks out, secures and accepts the endorsement of John Hagee, minister of a huge evangelical, fundamentalist church in Texas; not noticed by the IRS.

The UCC has had to retain costly attorneys to defend itself. Those are moneys that could have been used to alleviate and ameliorate pain and suffering at home and abroad through the UCC's Mission and Social Concern outreach. So much for Bush's belief in and support of faith based institutions. To qualify for his support institutions must be supportive of his so-called faith, which seems to be a faith in himself; a scary Narcissitic and Messianic self view. Not only do others need not apply, but they need to protect themselves against the hateful, no holds barred power of what Bush and Cheney have made of the Presidency.

Can you say "harassment"?

Now I'm ranting, and I have to try to let go, by acknowledging that what is going on in this generation is only today's manifestation of humans using their power of position for selfish and merciless benefit. But such awareness on my part has made me feel, not only embarrassed to be known as a member of the same species, homo sapien, sapien, but wanting to distance myself from such a species.

In the interest of full disclosure, I often sing in the choir of a UCC church as a non-member volunteer.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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