Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not On My Watch

Admiral Fallon, Centcom Commander, "resigned" today, just a few days after Esquire Magazine ran and article about his opposition to the Bush White House approach to Iran. He said some time back, on the possibility and speculation that Bush would invade Iran, "Not on my watch".

His approach is diametrically opposed to Bush's, believing in talking to opposition rather than in fighting them. His tenure at Centcom attests to that.

So perhaps he would make a fine Secretary of State in an Obama administration. I won't be surprised if he does a tell all book in the near future like so many others have after they resigned.

Now the speculation is that, since Fallon is no longer on his watch, sabre rattling will begin again. SECDEF Gates says that's "ridiculous". All they need now though is to conjure up some new accusations about Iran which they can say weren't know about when Gates used the word "ridiculous" when asked about action against Iran now that Fallon's gone.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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Anthony said...

About 30 years ago I suggested bombing them back to the stone age; of course that isn't very far.

I'm not sure how much worse the esteemed leader can make things, but have no doubt he's capable of it.

Any chance you might share the view from your window? It would be great to have you play along in my new project.