Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

Republicans fall in line behind the one they sense is the most electable to keep Republicans in power.

Democrats fall in love with their favorite candidate, with all the green eyed envy attendant to a lover's quarrel.

I've written this before, but it needs to be so frequently repeated as to finally sink in to those of us who have become afraid that the Dems, the party which most represents our views, is in the process of self-destructing, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, which two years ago seemed so assured.

Two years ago the Dems were rewarded with a mandate to get us out of Iraq, and we remember
images of Pelosi and Reid revelling in their victory. But they ignored the people. They started the '08 campaign right away, and have subjugated the mandate to finding ways of winning back the White House.

Then they caved under the threat of being viewed as unpatriotic, weak-kneed and wishy-washy, soft on national security, being threatened subjects of the Cheney/Bush twenty-first century version of the Machiavelli/Prince team.

It's baffling. They didn't trust the voters who told them to get out of Iraq, but feared those same voters would abandon them if they did all they could to get us out.

I know, I know, they didn't have a veto proof Congress. But they should have continued to send the president the same time table bill over and over again, all the while telling the voters what they were up to on behalf of the people who gave them those instructions.

They tried to finesse the king over and over again, and didn't learn that the cards were stacked against them.

The fall in line/fall in love thing is evident again. McCain is uncontested months before his convention. He is free to play presidential, show up in Iraq and proclaim, like George W. Bush, that negatives are actually positives, that black is the new white, and on and on.

The Democrats, in this latest enactment of supposed rational debate are chewing each other up and turning off voters.

Hillary is willing to take the ship down with her. She is so narcissistic as to be truly frightening. If she can't have it nobody else can. She is totally pissed that Barack Obama came on the scene and upstaged her when it was her turn to be the lead in the play.

A candidate's behavior is surely one sign of fitness for the awful(as in full of awe) job of president.

Obama and Clinton are engaged in a hair pulling cat fight which is likely to continue into the August convention. There is no pragmatism in falling in love. The opponent, the challenger, is the devil, even though he or she agrees with you on most issues.

I'm doing my best to figure out what is going on between these two, and make no mistake, it is a fight between these two and it's personal and likely so deeply genetic and memetically ingrained that it might be enough to turn off the voters. Recent polls have revealed statistics that one in six of Dems would vote for McCain if their choice for the Dem nomination lost. For the female of the species it's about being the woman scorned, of which no Hell for the male has such fury. For the male of the species it's about being discarded, of which no other behavior of the female is so frightening.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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