Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This quite literally makes my stomach curdle and my skin crawl.

Finally, a guy who is willing to say that Israel is not blameless in all things was appointed to a position from which he could offer Obama opinions on the Middle East other than that which AIPAC and the neocons demand. It would have been a view which many in government have not had the guts to hold, but which Obama needs. He's said he wants views from all sides. The Zionists once again have had their way and denied our president that which he's said he wanted.

For his refusal to kneel in front of the Israeli Throne he was smeared and slimed by neocons, AIPAC and Sen. Charles Shumer, D,NY, who is now being called by some, Senator from Wall Street and Tel Aviv. The tribal acting Zionists have united once again to knee cap one who dared to speak out in opposition, and the United States government knuckled under once again.

Shumer, who is a critical Democrat in the Senate for getting Obama's agendas passed, has essentially blackmailed the administration with at least an implied threat that deep sixing Freeman was essential to insuring his support for the administration's agendas.

Again, in you don't understand something follow the money. The tail is wagging the dog because the money is in the tail. And therein lies the tale.

So much for trying to convince Arabs and the rest of the world that the US is objective in its dealings in the Middle East. I can only imagine the diatribes which will be forthcoming from Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO and Iran and Arab states.

For my views expressed here I would expect to be villified by Zionists as anti-Semitic. I will simply point to my several posts in which I express admiration for the New York Times columnist Roger Cohen, a Jew, and naturalized American , Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times and Jewish friends who have openly stated their opinion that Israel's interests and the U.S.'s interests are not the same and intertwined and mutually inclusive on all issues as the Zionists insist must be the case.

They, like Charles Freeman, do not hold Israel blameless in all things. They, along with Glenn Greenwald and Fareed Zakaria and others are the new realists. That is a term now used to describe those who are advocating the so-called New Realism, which holds that, as Obama said, we should not require too much of ourselves to solve all evil in the world. We should and cannot let the perfect stand in the way of the possible.

I suspect this political realpolitik is behind the pulled-punch language we've heard from Sec. of State Hillary Clinton lately when she's refrained from throwing brick bats or shoes at China over Human Rights violations, and calling Israel's Settlement policies, "not helpful". And in addition she's invited Iran to sit in on Afghanistan talks. Holy realism! Clinton has lost an advocate for her agenda and efforts. Perhaps he was a sacrificial lamb warning to her and by extension, President Obama.

It will be interesting to watch and listen as this event is digested and analyzed.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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