Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chris Hedges, The Classic Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Here is what might be called a eulogy for civilization. It's at least disturbing, as well as eye opening.

I should be surprised that Hedges lumps Obama in with all that he abhors. But I'm not. Hedges is truly a Voice Crying in the Wilderness, one who professes to know that our road to doom is paved by the way we are buying into magical thinking.

Talking about war he conjures up the trenchant image of releasing our monsters against theirs.

On a personal note I was thrilled to see that he quotes Benjamin DeMott in his piece, citing DeMott's label "junk politics". I had the good fortune to have been befriended by Ben, a giant among giants of English literature professors, as my mentor while an English major undergraduate at Amherst College, class of 1959.


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Thomas said...

Reading your blog refreshes my awareness of my own ignorance, in a good way. You've exposed me to some new voices that seem very sensible. To me, though, these global political and economic issues seem unsolvable and reading about them makes me want to run off to become a subsistence farmer somewhere very far away. I suppose I could also turn to faith and a blind trust in god. How do you personally not get overwhelmed by all the issues? I would enjoy reading about that in a future post.