Sunday, March 28, 2010

Frank Rich Gets It Right

Here's Frank Rich's column in today's NY Times about the rising anger on the right. He correctly observes that the HCR thing was only an excuse for behaving badly.

It's the fact that a black man is president and a woman is Speaker, and a gay man holds a powerful chairman position that's got their goat. Black Congressmen are spit upon, and an openly gay Congressman was called a faggot.

They just can't deal with the reality of today's America. Prejudice lives and it's as dangerous as ever. As Eugene Robinson, writing in WaPo says, they have to stop it before someone gets hurt.
What is needed is for GOPher leaders to openly and quickly call out these mostly white Tea Party types and condemn them for what they are doing and saying. Start with Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, as perpetrators. Their needed accusers should be McConnell, Boehner and Lindsay Graham for starters. That's not likely to happen because they are afraid themselves, and as Rich points out, if these guys are afraid, so should we all be afraid.



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