Saturday, March 27, 2010

Multiple Voices, One Message

Here are several pieces by Glenn Greenwald, Juan Cole and others on how Israel is shooting itself in the foot.

These important voices are saying what needs to be said.

It seems that right wing extremists of all stripes, including America's own GOPhers and Tea Partiers, are becoming more and more unhinged. It's time that sensible people in positions of power call them out and do what it takes to implement some serious consequences for their actions. For Israel, stop our $3 Billion a year welfare check, or at least cut it in half.

Of course that's not gonna happen so long as Congress lives in fear of groups like AIPAC. Had did that happen? As usual, follow the money.

We're told time and again that we're the richest nation on earth. How does that square with our huge and obscene deficit, and our relying on China and other not so certain friends to keep us afloat? And how is it that we can send $3B to Israeli annually when we're in that kind of terrible financial shape? Sometimes unwelcome and inconvenient questions need to be asked and the cold, unvarnished truth must be told.


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