Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Netanyahu: "Jerusalem is not a Settlement"

Here's a piece about what Netanyahu and HRC said to AIPAC yesterday. Netanyahu said, to raucus applause, "Jerusalem is not a settlement".

Reminds me of an old joke: Two guys are up in a hot air balloon which has been blown off course. They holler to a guy on the ground out in a field, "Where are we?" "You're in a balloon", says the guy on the ground.

One guy in the balloon says to the other guy in the balloon, "Must be an accountant". "How's that", says the other guy. First guy says, "Perfectly accurate information, but totally useless".

Netanyahu made an accurate statement, within his own belief system, but useless in the cause of US/Israeli relations. It did, though, serve his purpose, which is to keep the tail wagging the dog. It brought down the house, which was filled with right wing, hard line, Jewish Americans.

It's important to know that this group does not represent anything like a unified view of all Jewish Americans. J Street, which calls for a two state solution, represents the much more constructive view of Jewish Americans. I recommend visiting the Israel Policy Forum web site for a more balanced view.


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