Monday, March 1, 2010

Who Are They?

Who are the people with the guts to stop this shameful practice?

Here's a link to another government insider, this time from the Treasury no less, leaving his government job to work for a lobbying firm which advises financial institutions about what's going on in the Treasury Department, information which they can use to cash in.

Timothy Geithner has lost all credibility as an impartial and objective regulator. While he has not left, yet, he is far too cozy with those he is supposed to regulate, to protect the public. As this guys boss, who must have been influential in his hiring, Geithner should take responsibility for nonsense like this.

Congress, if there's any honesty left in that once august body, should pass legislation that prohibits people like this guy from lobbying Congress. There are prohibitions against lobbying the administration for a time, but Congress is the place that needs to rid itself of people being owned by the banks.

"Rid itself"; aye there's the rub. Congress won't do it. SCOTUS won't do it. The administration can't do it. Only the voters can.

When will they?

Aux barricades!!!


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