Sunday, June 27, 2010

How Much Cynically Selfish Greed Will It Take?

How much cynically selfish greed will it take to cause an uprising against it? I'm aware of a large number of folks, by virtue of our blogging exchanges, who continue to be, like me, aghast that so many of the disadvantaged financially continue to vote against their own interests.

Here's a piece which exposes the dark matter which is the essence of the GOPhers: "I got mine, get your own". The truly morally sick aspect of this is that such a cynical, contemptuous and condescending opinion of the have nots is obvious in the life style of those who inherited their good fortune by the hard work of the have nots of their ancestors.

That's what makes me really nauseous.

It's now more than clear that those who have it made, especially those by virtue of the hard work of their progenitors from whom they already have inherited big time are not at all interested in helping those who once had a shot at making it big, but lost it, due to the deep pocket corporate interests of the shameless greed, greed so innate to those who are financially immune to economic downturns that they are morally disconnected from those who they have used, as cheaply as possible, to make them so.

My troubled thoughts go back to the unbelievably heartless pronouncement of Barbara Bush in her evaluation of the plight of those confined to the virtual concentration camp that was the Super Dome due to the ravages of Katrina. How out of touch, how morally disconnected can one be?

Well the GOPhers today managed to provide us yet again with another example of that moral disconnect.

When I refer to GOPhers, I'm referring to politicians in the employ of big money suppliers. It used to be that we. the voters once empowered by the democratic system established by those mythological heroes, our founders, could determine who represented us in this representative democracy.

Sorry to have to tell you that we voters who have for years counted on those who sought our votes to be essentially as honest as the mythical Abe Lincoln, are now asked to select our representatives based on the spin, propaganda and mythologies paid for by those who have no interest in the plight of the disadvantaged, and actually celebrate when those they have bought and paid for have garnered more votes than those they know would not agree to be the whores they had tried to solicit

History has it that the haves will continue to be the haves, until the have nots find a leader. MLK was that leader when the American citizen have nots needed their larger citizenry to face their blind eye to the crimes against humanity which was rampant and unchecked raceism.

Robespierre was that leader when the French citizen have nots needed their larger citizenry to face their blind eye to the crimes against humanity which was rampant and unchecked greed.

Here's another article which grabbed my attention and once again stuck in my craw.

Leanderthal : A label used to identify a specimen of a homo sapien species, long assumed to have gone extinct.

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