Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Real Reason For War, Any War

Here are three New York Times Columns which make me believe even more that no one is willing to point to the real elephant in the room, Neocon/Pentagon/Military/Industrial Establishment, as the actual cause for wars of choice. Ike warned us about this cabal after WW II. As the song goes, "When will they ever learn?"

The real reason for war, any war, not just Iraq and Afghanistan, is the loyalty, of those who make and sell arms and the needed resources to sustain wars, to money to be made, not loyalty to the country of their citizenship. These are the greedy bastards responsible for the obscene deaths and casualties of our American troops and those of our allies. These are the greedy bastards who milk hard pressed citizens for tax money to pay for wars; money that ends up in their shady and rotten bank accounts of ill gotten gain.

Tom Friedman calls it correctly here.

Maureen Dowd calls out McChrystal here.

Bob Herbert, probably weeping as he writes, exposes the deepest cuts to our soul as a people, here.

It's going to take an uprising of the populace to get us out of the two wars of choice, like what got us out of Vietnam. Only when politicians from top to bottom realize that they will lose their jobs, if Americans finally wake up to the toll wars are taking on their pocketbooks and on the fabric of
America, will they stop, at least for awhile, waging wars of choice.


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Old Dude said...

The one thing that our so called Leaders and and the Media want to face is the facts. The fact is that America has already lost the war in Afghanistan. All of our military might and all the troops have not really changed the human landscape. If anything, there is a more determined populace there than before. Something like 20 thousand Islamist fighters (some of them just doing it as a day job) have tied our military into knots. Our country is going bankrupt because of this (and Iraq).