Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why Are We Still There?

Col.Ret. Pat Lang posts his and a soldier's remarks on the idiocy of the rules of engagement in Afghanistan here.

The government in that poor excuse for a country is corrupt beyond redemption, there is no win possible when the locals either laugh at us or a terrified by the Taliban.

So why are we still there? Pride? Bullshit.

The neocon/Pentagon/military/industrial establishment makes billions of dollars in wars like this. That's why we're still there; shameless greed and a complete disregard for the risks to the troops.

Seems only civil disobedience like the kind we saw during the Vietnam war will bring the president to his senses. At this time he's still being rolled by the Neocons.


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Old Dude said...

It may be that there isn't much of an anti-war movement due to the absence of a draft. If all the young ones were subject to direct involvement there would be more reason to think about the issues and maybe do something about them.
My idea is to re-instate the draft. But those drafted would be the sons and daughters of our Congressmen and Women. Their children would be on the front lines carrying weapons. They would not come home until there was "Peace with Honor". Imagine the letters home. If it important enough for young patriots to sign up, then it ought to be mandatory for our leaders children.