Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Fellow Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Here's Glenn Greenwald's lonely cry in the wilderness about the sacrifice of American liberties at the altar of hyped domestic terrorist  threats.

This point of view deserves to be, and needs to be, shouted out all over America.  You can help give this its needed hearing by being outspoken on the issue with your circle of friends and acquaintances. 

Those who stand to make huge profits by promoting and prosecuting endless war are the real enemies of American democracy.  They are collectively called Neocons, and are the loudest voices in the cry for uncritical support of Israel at any cost.  They want America to support Israel in the bombing of Iran, a country which  has not invaded another country in recent history, and which is not suicidal enough to attack Israel. 

Good Grief!!! Geesh!! Speak UP!!! Make your voice heard outside the wilderness. 


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