Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Most Dangerous Fellas

Update Below:

Here's a post on Sic Semper Tyrannis which shines a bright light on the nefarious and shadowy work of AIPAC, the unregistered, so far, Israel Agent, the American political arm of the current Israeli political power, the far right hawkish Likud party.  

These people, AIPAC, are known as Israeli Firsters, a label reserved for Americans who put Israel's interests ahead of the interests of their own country.   They would call me an anti-Semite, if they paid any attention to me and my little blog.  That's the propaganda they spread about anyone who dares to find fault with their unwavering, uncritical support of the Likud hard liners who are currently the rulers of today's Israel.

By that definition many Jewish public media journalists qualify for that label; such clear and objective thinkers as Eric Alterman, Glenn Greenwald and Roger Cohen, to name only three which come to mind at this moment.  But indeed they and the less public bloggers are many, if not legion.

To call Israel a "democracy" is to use a word which can only be described as an oxymoron at best. How can  a country be a democracy when it treats a huge block of its citizens and residents, the Palestinians, as second class citizens at best, denying them the rights accorded to its Jewish citizens.  It is a Jewish state, not a democracy. 

Update:  Here is Joshua Holland's wonderful  and trenchant piece on the problem of criticizing Israel.
"We give up .Please give us an acceptable way of insulting you---------" is aimed at AIPAC which excoriates anyone who dares to criticize Israel. 


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