Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Israel/Iran/US: What To Believe?

Here's a piece from the Daily Beast reporting that Israel will not warn the US of an impending air strike against Iran.

What is one to trust and believe?  Is this a straight forward position taken by Israel, or is it just another
war drum, sabre rattling orchestrated piece of propaganda from the AIPAC/Neocon Israel Lobby  cabal?

I know it's never as simple as one would wish it to be, but isn't it about time to tell Israel that they have squandered any trust they might have had on the part of American citizens, and that the billions of dollars of aid, munitions, etc.. has been stopped?

Not gonna happen.  Too much money has been stuffed into the pockets of US politicians to buy their unquestioned loyalty to Israeli causes, however questionable(that's a euphimism for sinister) they may be.

I'm not anti-Semitic nor anti- Zionist, but I am anti-Likud/AIPAC, just as sure asI am anti-Organized Crime.  


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