Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Here's an article which sheds light on a movement which can only be described as sheer madness.

I am not anti-Semitic, nor anti-Zionist, but I am anti-Likud/AIPAC(they are one  in the same for all practical purposes), just as surely as I am anti-Organized Crime.

AIPAC operates as an agent of a foreign government, Israel, without being required to register as such as required by State Dept policy.  AND they enjoy the status of a Not For Profit, avoiding paying taxes, while reaching their poisonous tentacles deep into the pockets of far too many American politicians, for the sole purpose of buying loyalty and uncritical support for Likud behavior, however dangerous to America. 

Add to that the reality that American taxpayers fund billions of dollars a year of foreign aid to Israel, plus military armaments costing in the billions as well.  Where is the anger, the outrage which Americans should be displaying over this?

These are the people who,  along with the military/industrial complex which Ike warned us about, stand to make billions by stirring up enmities and tribal hatreds around the world, fanning the flames of emotional behavior, beating the war drums, rattling the sabres, to be sure we  Americans
are at war somewhere, all the time.

They will work to ensure that there is no military draft, because that would arouse the public from its slumber when sons, daughters, mothers and fathers are sent to war.  It would likely lead to the kind of demonstrations in the streets which we saw when it became clear that the Vietnam war was a scam
which cost the lives of thousands.  These people are war criminals, who don't want to wake the sleeping dog of American public opinion, that which led to our getting out of Vietnam.

Cheney/Bush and their Neocon cabal did it to us again in Iraq.  It's deja vu days people. What you are reading in the so-called Main Stream Media and hearing on Fox News is a re-run of 2002-2003.
These are same stenographers for the Pentagon as those in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq. It was WMD then; It's nuclear weapons now. 

Fool me once, shame on  you .  Fool me twice, shame on me.


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Anonymous said...

The over the top influence of foreign countrys on our nation is a huge concern. Why should the taxpayers shell out hard earned dollars in order to have our politicians wrongly influenced by foreign powers?

Old Dude