Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mr. Fish, Shock Jock of Cartoonists

Mr. Fish is a political cartoonist, one who usually aims to get your attention by the use of shocking imagery, like his recent pornographic image of George Washington.

Here, he writes rather than draws, and it's effective, if somewhat overdone in the pedantic English department  manner of imagery.  Clearly he's a far left liberal, in the mode of Glenn Greenwald at  He  finds fault with Obama as often as with the GOPher clowns pretending to be serious statesmen.  Frankly I find myself liking and also disliking his messages; liking because I often agree with them, and disliking because he likes to shock in the extreme, bordering on the pretentious. 

It's likely though that I would not have read this piece had I not seen his cartoons; and I'm very glad I did.  I hope you will read it and be glad you did it too.


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