Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Democracy, Inc.

Here's Chris Hedges' piece about the demise of democracy.

Any time I read what he writes I know it's going to be slanted against whatever people in power are willing to do, and who show almost no regard for the plight of the powerless.

What grabbed me about this piece was his denouncing of government intrusion in the lives of
Americans. Sounds to me like Tea Party, Libertarian doctrine. What do you make of it?

When I read what is said about Libertarians, I am struck by my whole hearted agreement with their stand against unnecessary wars. At the same time I am appalled by their lack of compassion for those who are both powerless and in mortal danger.

Somewhere back in the day I recall reading that Ben Franklin cautioned against siding with those who promoted extremist actions, of whatever ideology, and who suggested that what one supported had to survive the test and scrutiny of reasonableness.


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