Friday, April 22, 2011

Who and What Contributes to the Obvious Gullibilty of Too Many Amercans?

Here's a pretty good article about how the media contributes to the more and more obvious gullibility of far too many Americans, who, frighteningly, we have to assume, vote.

First of all, it's important that I define what I mean by the "media" in this context . It would be easy and facile to limit my definition to the likes of Fox News. It's now assumed, by anyone who bothers to think, that Fox News, whose motto is Fair and Balanced, is anything but.

No, the institutions of the so-called Main Street Media must be included in the definition of media who aid and abet the problem of feeding voters stuff which they don't bother to check for facts. A lie, an implication, a slanderous statement, told often enough becomes a fact for those who believe most everything they hear and read. They are the voters who don't want to be bothered to think.


it's Fox News

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