Friday, April 15, 2011

Obama versus Ryan

Updated Below.

Here is Paul Krugman's take on Obama versus Ryan.

And here is David Brooks take on it.

Would you believe they are talking about the same subject?

It's what passes for dialogue in partisan DC,
Liberal columnist versus Conservative columnist.

It's not dialogue at all of course. It's two opinionated
men talking past each other, playing the old blame game.

And we wonder why our society feels so toxic.

The two columnists quoted above write for the NY Times.
When I got to the Washington Post I found these two
diametrically opposed opinions.

Here is Charles Krauthammer's take.

And here is Eugene Robinson's.

All four of these columns are worth reading in full
and I urge my readers to do so because all four
writers are articulate and intelligent, and make
their arguments well. Agreeing or disagreeing with
them, it's important to understand their position
if you hope to be an informed voter.


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