Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hate War? Don't Dismiss the Value of Physical Competition .

Talk about pie in the sky. How could we homo sapiens ever channel the aggressive aspect of our being which, clearly, we came to quite naturally and essentially through what is called Evolution?

That process depends and thrives on awarding the victor over the vanquished, the survival of the fittest, and, to use the more euphemistic and less barbaric term, Natural Selection.

But, as a retired athlete and participant in many competitions, I was part of how civilized people do channel their aggression in healthy ways.

Right now MLB has started again, the NBA is moving toward the end of its season and the men's and women's collegiate basketball season is ending with the usual March madness.
Football, which comes as close as any sport to the old Roman games, will start up in the Fall.

We've turned the Roman Colosseum fight to the death athletics into a mostly positive and mostly healthy activity.

Thinking outside the box, what countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen
need is an active sports culture, for both men and women.

If my ancestors could have competed with today's homo sapiens sapiens in a sports arena, we Neanderthals just might have survived. After all we were bigger and stronger physically, though it seems perhaps not as smart. I bet you know some of today's athletes like that.


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