Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Evidence for the Power of Meaning

Here's more evidence that" the spirit of God is within you".

I am an atheist on the idea of a God who is old, wears a long white robe, has a beard and involves himself in the affairs of men. To say that God is dead is meaningless because that God never "was".

I am agnostic on the idea of God as a Great Spirit within me. An agnostic is "One who holds the view that Ultimate Reality - as God, is unknown and probably unknowable".( Merriam Webster Online Dictionary). By that definition it seems to me that all sentient beings would have to agree. We don't and can't really know.

But why is there anything anyway? Some higher power, that which animates all of creation, must "be".

James Carroll's piece, linked to above, is the best I've read from a man of faith. Someone said that the opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. However faith exists only in the presence of doubt. Otherwise God would be a certainty.

Carroll's most trenchant line is, "Resurrection is not resuscitation".


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