Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fiddler on the Rock(and a Hard Place)

Here's Richard Cohen of the Washington Post chastising Obama for not telling Israel enough times and in enough ways that the U.S. is a committed and faithful partner.

Tevye sings to Golde, "Do you love me?". Golde responds, "For twenty-nine years I've washed your clothes, darned your socks, ------". Tevye sings again, "But, do you love me?"

Setting aside that Tevye is a far more deserving fellow than Netanyahu, the current right wing leader of Israel and his apologists, Richard Cohen, Elie Wiesel and numberless others, seem to be demanding a constant repetition of a declaration of never ending love.

More pitiful than even poor old Tevye.

Never mind that, like Golde, the U.S. has given Israel $2 Billion in annual aid for years, provides it state of the art military armaments, pledges an unbreakable bond, etc., etc., and so forth. Still Netanyahu and his hand maidens cry out, "But, do you love me?".

Obama loves many peoples, not just Israelis, but today's Israeli leaders are over the top jealous. Any profession of even mere admiration and compassion for the Palestinians is viewed by Netanyahu and his minions as unfaithful behavior, deserving of being chastised, kicked out of bed and publicly humiliated.

Obama needs to say to them, publicly, "For years we've been far too forgiving of your own broken vows: infidelities, embarrassing public displays and fickle behavior. Read your own Declaration of Independence of 1948 and compare your on and off and most recent behavior to those vows you made 62 years ago.

Give it a rest you bottomless pit Zionists. We're doing all we can, at our own peril, to tell and show the world that you're number one, that, forsaking all others, we've worshipped and protected you against all enemies, in sickness and in health, and unless we tell you otherwise, we will continue to do those things, so long as we both shall live.

Enough already!


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Anonymous said...

I've always thought we ought to be a staunch supporter of Israel. I am beginning to weaver. I am beginning to think we give Israel too much support and it is the likes of Lieberman that cause me to review my thinking.