Monday, April 12, 2010

More Ranting

Seems I'm on a roll this morning, roiling and ranting even more than usual. Blame it on several friends who tell me that ranting is good and like it when I get roiled up about something going on in our world. God, what a world!

Here's a piece which got me a tad roiled up, and which pours light on what comes out of the woodwork when it's dark. Cockroaches.

The far right fringe wingnuts keep adding to their infestation of far right fringe wingnuts. The frightening realization is that this kind of vermin is always around, but only come out of hiding when they think there's enough safety in numbers; like a swarm of cockroaches.

These nasties are like gangsters, wanting, needing, to belong to gangs. They gang up on people, using any means they can, usually immoral if not illegal, to beat up others they see as belonging to other gangs, and which, by their warped definition of "other", connotes enemies.

Tea Partiers are a gang of thugs. All one needed to do to understand that was to observe their gangster behavior during the last campaign. Their hitmen are narcissistic showmen: Limbaugh, Beck and Palin, for example. Their leaders are mafia type dons, politicians hiding their criminal actions and minds behind store front facades of faux respectability: McConnell, Beohner, Kyl , McCain, for example. Their cheerleaders in the print media are Krauthammer, Hiatt, Hannity, Kristol and Brooks to name a few. Yes, I include David Brooks in that cabal, he who is perhaps the most like a wolf in sheep's clothing of them all. He hides his Neocon ideology behind a facade of intellectualism, psuedo philosophy, humor and manners. That might make him one of the most deceitful of all the Neocons. You can add a few more from their minor league wannabees: Gerson, Jacoby and any other of the Fox News hangers-on, come to mind.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list, but it is a list of the most obvious(to me) group of venal hypocrites who spout their deadly poison on a daily basis.

This particular article is about yet another cockroach crawling out of the woodwork when he thinks it's safe. He can be added to the minor league squad.

Come to think of it, I just remembered a few more: Pawlenty, Barber, McConnell(Va. gov.) Perry, Jindal. I'll quit there before the list begins to resemble a Biblical genealogy, something to be sure to skim only, if not actually skip over entirely.

This newly infesting cockroach is merely just another member of the GOPher chorus, singing from the libretto of Conservative Fundamentalist oratorios. The themes have become numbingly and maddenly familiar, like Ravel's Bolero: Obama's not really a citizen and therefore is an illegal president; the economy is in ruins because of Obama's stimulus; the deficit is huge because of Obama's liberal tax and spend policies; he spent a year "ramming through" the Health Care Reform Act which the American people didn't want.

Talk about convenient memory. Bush started the stimulus and the deficit is huge because he started the two foreign nation building wars we're spending billions on instead of rebuilding our own infrastructure. The real deceit was and is that the wars are necessary in order to keep us safe from terrorists. Bullshit. The wars are necessary to the military/industrial complex in order to keep them making millions in profits, paid for by us taxpayers.

Where have all the flowers gone? Gone to graveyards everyone. When will we ever learn? When will we e-----ver learn?

Guys like the one in this article join the gang, the swarm, and start scurrying around when they think they just might grab some attention, not for anyone else's benefit, but for their own sake; for recognition, political ambition and the goodies which accrue to those who flop down on their backs like prostitutes when the Pentagon and the Neocons wave big money at them.

Now I'll try to bring myself back down from a boil to at least a simmer by remembering the wisdom of the guy, currently thought to be a Rabbi from Cincinnati, and once thought to be "anonymous" from Old Saint Paul's Church somewhere(Baltimore?), who wrote Desiderata. It begins "Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence", and ends "No doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should".

What a world!

Leanderthal, aka A Voice Crying In The Wilderness

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Old Dude said...

Let us hope that the Universe is unfolding as it should. With all these cockroaches running about we could sure use some good news.
After a friendly exchange with a bright woman that I had just met. (she turned out to be one of Sarah Palin's fans.) The thought came roaring back to me that for some in our society- "The truth does not matter." That is the most frustrating thing of our current national debate; if that is what we call it. More like shouting in the wind.