Monday, April 12, 2010

More On The "I Got Mine, Get Your Own" GOPher World View

It gets old fast, the GOPher total obstruction of crucial provisioning of financial safety nets, even for people who have done the best they could to stay solvent and take care of themselves on their own. This group includes the long term unemployed in a terrible employment market and those who have fallen prey to serious health conditions and their attending impossibly expensive health care treatments.

The word "conservative"used to have a positive connotation. Not today. Now it stands for a cynical world view of those who sneer at people in need. GOPhers, with their total obstructionist agenda, are transparently politically motivated. Their goal is to make Obama look ineffectual, and therefore unre-electable, and to take back Congress in 2010 and 2012. They are trying to do this by blocking anything Obama and the Dems stand for and propose, such as by continuing to block an extension of unemployment benefits, short term health care assistance, a social security one time small benefit and probably more heartless and selfish stuff that I'm unaware of.

The provisions the GOPhers are blocking are not of the old Welfare variety which encouraged being on the dole or appearing to fail accidentally but on purpose, and which, mercifully were killed off years ago. These are truly safety net provisions. Safety nets are, by definition, put in place to prevent serious injury and worse for those who fall accidentally.

These nasties also blocking votes on virtually all Obama's nominations which require Senate approval, plus generally anything else with Obama's name on it and Dem backing.

We find ourselves living in an obscene period in human history. There is an all too prevalent nihilistic attitude globally. In our own country the GOPhers' nihilistic attitude is actually truly startling. As James Carroll wrote today in his Boston Globe column, there seems to be a complete absence of a Commonwealth view and appreciation on the part of those who claim that their so-called Conservative agenda is good for America.

As recent as today, House minority leader Boehner is calling for a continued fight to repeal the new Health Care Reform law, claiming Americans didn't want it, and that it will do more damage to the budget deficit. He's wrong of course on both counts. As it is said, he's entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Just wait till Obama nominates a replacement in the SCOTUS for Justice Stevens. A nomination of Jesus himself, even if he had a Harvard Law degree and years of bench experience, would be filibustered, in spite of the right wingnut, Tea Party, fundamentalist, evangelical propaganda that they spout, claiming that they are the real and patriotic Americans.

For GOPhers it's clearly not only OK but absolutely essential and necessary to bail out Wall Street, but, for Heavens sake, not Main Street. Tragic.

Here are links to two essays on this topic: One by a pundit I don't know a thing about and one from the highly regarded James Carroll's Boston Globe column dated today.


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