Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama on Campaign Versus Obama as President

Some of my progressive friends say that I should not give up on Obama. They remind me what it would be like now if McCain had won. They make a good point.

But here's a piece by Glenn Greenwald at which gets me roiled up. (That seems to happen a lot lately.) Greenwald provides details in his strong criticism of the Obama administration's DOJ for prosecuting whistle blowers, while granting blanket immunity to the Cheney/Bush cabal for what amounts to treasonable acts.

No one should reasonably expect a president to do everything he promised on the campaign trail, but some of Obama's actions as president are flagrant violations of important pledges he made while campaigning. The most despicable have to do with those he chooses to prosecute and those he chooses to grant blanket immunity. He's granted immunity to the Cheney/Bush cabal for war crimes committed while in office, and he's chosen to prosecute individual whistle blowers who shine a bright light on the shadowy actions of those who promote invasion of privacy of American citizens.

That's just not right. He campaigned in part on running an open government. Not all things can be entirely open of course, but prosecuting Americans for blowing the whistle on practices which have the potential of violating the privacy of all Americans is a betrayal of large proportions.

Glenn Greenwald seems not to play favorites. He's apparently progressive in his politics, but it's no holds barred when he finds either a GOPher or a Dem going off their respective reservations.



Old Dude said...

I'm so mad and sad about this issue that I cannot read the article. If the Police and the Prosecuter fail to act then what should the Citizens think? After all the treachery of the Bush admin. there have been precious few arrests. Why? What is being protected? Who is being served? Does the so called Tea Party go into "anger mode" when they are reminded of these criminal acts? Why not? Must be too busy wondering about Obama's birth certificate.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Note to Old Dude.

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