Monday, April 12, 2010

Much More Than Crying Over Spilt Milk

Here's another trenchant piece by Glenn Greenwald of It doesn't need anything from me, except to say that Greenwald is shining a bright light on the shadowy practices of our military, and their inexcusable attempts to pretend that their own criminal acts are nothing to get worked up about. After all, it only takes two sheep to mollify the survivors of a family mistakenly killed by our own soldiers.

And what about the mental health of those soldiers who did the killing? If they survive their war battles they will come home to fight their own mental battles.

well, it seems that I've got a head of steam going after all.

Why are we in that poor imitation of a nation? Some say that it's because there are lots of decent people there and we need to help them. But there are millions of decent people living in bad conditions in many other places on earth. Why Afghanistan? At one time it was to punish the Taliban for giving sanctuary to the 911 terrorists. That was almost nine years ago and we got it done then. But we're still in there and escalating the war, surging. The excuse given by the Obama administration is that by surging we can get out sooner. Sure sounds like a Bush excuse to me. (I thought we were finally rid of that Neocon nonsense. That's what I voted for anyway.)

Hello? Does anyone really buy that crap? If so there are some bridges they could by and some waterfront property they could purchase in Florida. It's a nice place, with a great view. It's called the Everglades. If one prefers Georgia it's called the Okefenokee Swamp.

People!!! Wake up!!!


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