Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Progressive's Lament

Here's a column in which the author, Glenn Greenwald of, speculates on the reasons Dawn Johnsen withdrew her name from consideration as Obama's nominee to head the Office of Legal Counsel.

In doing so Greenwald exposes what many progressives complain about, Obama's increasingly apparent shift to the right, and away from his more progressive campaign ideology. (Surprise, surprise. So what else is new.)

Johnsen represents, and was consistent with, the campaign ideology, and now is out of step with Obama's actions in office, evidenced by his decisions to extend many of those Bush policies which are consistent with an increase in executive powers.

So it appears that this woman's withdrawal from the political fray is a kind of bellwether of Obama's presidency.

I find it interesting that a single action like this can be so accurate a symbol of a much larger issue. Greenwald has seen the big picture and has provided an important message by sharing his insight.


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