Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Hath Cheney Wrought?

Here's a piece which outs Halliburton's former KBR group for more outrageous practices in war zones.

If I were a Christianist Fundamentalist looking for the anti-Christ I would have to look no further than in my own sick culture to see Dick Cheney as the obvious embodiment of that messenger from Hell.

He started wars and paved the way for the company he headed (before sitting in the cat bird seat as Veep) to make billions off war paid for by gullible taxpayers who fell for his pseudo-patriotic flag waving propaganda nonsense.

I'm one who voted for Obama in the vain and mistaken hope that he would prosecute Cheney and his Neocon cabal colleagues for crimes against humanity and war crimes. I see Bush as just another member of the cabal. He was, and I guess still is, in Garrison Keillor's words, "That dim small man".


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