Monday, April 5, 2010

The Pentagon: House of Lies and Home to Murderers

Glenn Greenwald here covers the cover up by the Pentagon of Afghan cold blooded murders at the hands of our military.

Such obscene behavior on the part of some of our troops, and the lies the Pentagon told about it, is so atrocious as to defy my trying to use any words to describe it. It's the horror of My Lai, Vietnam all over again it seems.

This revelation comes at the same time as a news story emerges about Karzai threatening to go over to the Taliban unless the West( yep, that's us folks) stops pressuring him to clean up his act.


What in the world are we doing even being in that poor imitation of a country, why on earth are we tolerating its corrupt leader and what can be done about the outrageous behavior of the Pentagon?


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