Monday, April 19, 2010

Redefining Hypocrisy and Treachery

Here's a bit about Joe Lieberman doing more of his famous grandstanding. And I used to admire Susan Collins but she's gone off the reservation too many times of late.

These are two who are enjoying being courted by Obama and the Dems. They're using their reputation as seeming to be open to persuasion to their maximum advantage.

In fact Lieberman, of the two, is the one who most clearly redefines hypocrisy and treachery. He's likely to take the position, most any position, which gives him the most clout and leverage, with no regard for conviction and/or ideology. And I don't see how he could claim that he's doing the will of his Connecticut constituency. His constituency is AIPAC, Neocons and anything he can pontificate about.

Perhaps, we could emulate Keith Olbermann and call Lieberman The Most Hypocritical Man in the World.


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