Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aboooouuuut Face!! March!!

Ruth Marcus is generally considered to be a conservative columnist for the Washington Post. Lately she's been criticizing, even chastising, John McCain for running a campaign that is neither "civil nor civilizing".

Harold Meyerson weighs in with his expose of McCain's attempt to revive old myths, trying to stir up old animosities.

Here's Kathleen Parker, who until a few weeks ago, could be counted on to write columns praising Republicans. She calls McCain's campaign a "side show" and takes seriously the Bradley and anti-Bradley affect.

And would you believe that Michael Gerson writes today in WaPo about hopes for a moderate version of Obama standing up to an emboldened and radical liberal Congress. Gerson also, until, just now actually, has also been thumping his Thesaurus for McCain/Palin.

These folks are raising their heads gingerly above their cubicle walls since the Washington Post, considered to be a moderate/conservative rag, endorsed Obama a few days ago.


These are sensible, educated and articulate people who are put off by the McCain/Palin down and dirty campaign. Now, if we can just get the nasties out there to not vote against their own interests------.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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