Friday, October 10, 2008

In Their Own Words

Watch and listen here to McCain and Palin in their own words.

This is a video response to the question that is being raised by all decent Americans. How low can they go? So low that they are apparently willing to accept the risk that their race baiting rhetoric might actually incite an unbalanced person to believe he or she is carrying out the will of the people, or maybe even God, by "taking out" Obama.

This is not alarmist. This is serious shit. Check our own history and that of others; for starters, consider the assassination of Itzhak Rabin by an Israeli right wing nut job, Fundamentalist Jew.
The equivalent in our own country would be an American right wing nut job, Fundamentalist Christian. The common denominator is a "nut job" who is convinced that taking out Obama would be doing a service for the country, or even even God, since those he heard shouting "kill him" claim to be good God fearing Christian folks.

Onward Christian Soldiers

As I mentioned in an earlier post, David Gergen, the seasoned and relatively moderate political advisor to candidates and presidents of both major parties, has publicly expressed concern for Obama's safety. He also pointed out that the McCain reference to "The One" is code for "Uppity". The unspoken word which usually follows "Uppity" is "Nigger". One can understand why Gergen stopped short of completing that racist epithet.

My work life took me to Atlanta, GA for many years, during which I was exposed to such hatred.
I agree with the guy who wrote in to Washington Monthly saying that if McCain is not likened to Lester Maddox and George Wallace when our history is written, the historians will not have done their jobs.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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