Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Partial Litany of the Voice's Personal Opinions

Sarah Palin has become a caricature of herself, with the help of Tina Fey. That caricature has the element of a joke. While she is getting a lot of face time and exposure I doubt that she is taken seriously by enough people to help McCain. While it's usually true that people mostly vote for the person at the head of the ticket, the idea that Palin could actually be called upon to function as President in the event of a tragedy I believe might actually hurt McCain.

Racial prejudice has not gone, nor will it ever go, away. It was only two years ago that Harold Ford, Jr. was beaten by a member of the good ol' boy club, a former Mayor of Chattanooga, TN, in his bid to become the first black Senator from that state since Reconstruction. He ran for that position, having been impressive as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Harold was done in by a late campaign commercial with a transparent racially coded message; a come hither female voice pleading, "Call me Harold". McCain went to the Volunteer State to campaign for the previously obscure Republican candidate, and was notably silent on the subject of that slanderous commercial. White people, especially older and relatively less educated ones, are not above pretending to others that they are not prejudiced against blacks, but still vote against one in the privacy of the voting booth. Some years ago, when I lived in Atlanta, GA, Lester Maddox, a notorious white supremacist who redefined racism, and whose symbol was a not so subtle ax handle, ran for and won the governorship of the State of Georgia. Not so surprisingly it was almost impossible to find anyone who admitted to voting for him.

Cindy McCain claimed today that Obama is "waging the dirtiest campaign in U.S. history". Just another example, taken from the Rove University Campaign Playbook, of a GOPher accusing an opponent of that which the accuser has been accused and found guilty. It's so outrageous and over the top that it would be considered silly, were it not for the reality that so many of the gullible will fall for it. Rove knows gullible. He perfected his craft in the direct mail advertising business. Need I say more?

Tom Brokaw doesn't seem to work at hiding his favoritism for John McCain. Perhaps it's because he has this thing for The Greatest Generation. As moderator of Meet The Press recently he uncharacteristically ended the program with what appeared to be a personal
comment which seemed to imply an endorsement of McCain. I suspect that Gwen Ifill might favor Obama personally, but she didn't let on in her role as moderator of the VP debate. I lived in Atlanta, GA when Brokaw worked for the NBC TV station there, and admired him then and after, up until recently when he began to state his personal opinions, showing his Narcissistic tendency. He has sacrificed his previously earned reputation as an objective journalist. I'll give him this: He's still almost as influential as he thinks he is. But he needs to get over himself.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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