Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Give Us Barrabus"

Sarah Palin is Charlie McCarthy to John McCain's Edgar Bergen. She's doing her best to not let on that he's throwing his voice, trying to make it look like she's actually The One doing the talking. Or is it the other way around? Aye, there's the rub. Who is Edgar and who is Charlie? Who is "The One"?

It's an important question. There are many reports today that McCain's latest tactic is to appear to distance himself from smearing Obama. Off the record conversations with some of his advisors though admit that they are free to smear all they want. That would include Palin apparently.

She is using her blinding smile to detract the eye from the movement of her lips through which pass really hateful shit. She seems to be thoroughly enjoying playing Pontius Pilot to her very own religious fanatic mob, inciting some to shout frightening threats, e.g. Kill Him; He's a Terrorist.

When this is all over and done with in a few short weeks Palin will likely wash her hands of it all and, like Pilate, go back to her life as a political hack, the vindictive, corrupt and two faced governor who had no problem portraying her opponent as a traitor, but all the while praising and encouraging a seditionist mob, the actual traitors, of which her husband, First Dude, was a member and which apparently she praised and encouraged just this year as Governor of Alaska.

She will have had her virtual and analogous "fifteen minutes" of fame which she can memorialize in her scrap book, bookended by storied, and therefore exagerated, examples of past successes; bloody hockey fights, airborn wolf shooting trophies(like honoring someone for shooting and killing fish in a barrel,) photos of "dressing" moose(which really means skinning, flailing and violating the corpse of another species, but a valuable species in as much as all species are valuable by definition, as a part of the fabric of life as we know it, and which, by its own nature, was incapable of harboring a conscious ill will toward its killer, but would have chosen flight, not fight, if given half the chance.

It smacks of the cries of those who are vulnerable to being sufficiently whipped into such a frenzy as to shout out, "Crucify him" and "Give us Barrabus"

McCain is a predator by nature. Obama is a healer by nature.
This is no small thing.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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