Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unconscious Racism

Here is a column by Nicholas Kristof in today's NYTimes which should be required reading for anyone intending to vote for President on November 4th.

In it Kristof cites authorities on racial prejudice who make a clear distinction between racists and racism.

It didn't surprise me so much as it caught me up short, making me more conscious of my own possibly uncouscious instincts.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper


Anonymous said...

You have done a lot of good work on your BLOG.
I know that it seems like "crying in the wilderness" at times. Believe me, I know the feeling. But, I am hopefull that right thinking people in our country and the world will prevail against the forces of darkness.
Keep up the good work!


Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

The Voice thanks Lon for the kind words of encouragement.