Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McCain: "I'm Not George Bush".

Quite right.

McCain is not George Bush. He's Dick Cheney. The reason McCain must be beaten is because his world view is much like Cheney's. Might makes right. Solve problems by defeating your enemies, whether on the battlefield or in politics. Shoot first. Ask questions later.

Cheney and his neocons conned W. into invading Iraq, a project which McCain has championed from the start, and which Obama was against from the start. That's the real contrast, which has become lost during the past few months; overshadowed by the economy.

Actually that's good because the testosterone bloated nasties in the electorate are more likely to defeat McCain over their pocketbook issues than the war in Iraq. Remember that George H.W. Bush lost a second term due to the economy, even after being the hero of the first gulf war.

McCain is likely to advocate for war with Iran. He shares the neocons' belligerence, but for different reasons. Neocons stir up trouble around the world to make $Billions in arms sales. McCain just likes to stir up trouble for its own sake. He is belligerent by nature. He would make, for the neocons, an even more manipulable puppet than George W. Bush.

McCain would be the fulfillment of the neocon's wildest dreams. For the past eight years they relied on Cheney to convince Bush to do their bidding. With McCain as President they could bypass the middleman, or middlewoman as it were. Middleperson to be PC.

I can see Sarah Palin shaking her pom poms now. What a nightmare.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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