Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thanks, I Needed That

Here's a link to Tom Friedman's column lecture in today's Times. I confess that I needed to hear this, because I'm so pissed at wealthy con men who line their pockets at the expense of decent people that I was actually thrilled that the House rejected the "bailout".

David Brooks observed yesterday in the Times that it was hard to sell something known as a bailout of Wall Street.

Friedman has is right though, at least a far as the crisis goes.

But a few more important things need to be done also, otherwise the Charlatans will go right back to their rip off ways. Like the Music Man they will toot their 76 trombones to make you feel great that they can fix the "trouble right here in River City".

For starters: Regulations must be established and enforced to prevent the selfish excesses of a few bad men. No games are fair without referees or umpires, and the commissions to which they are accountable. Deal with the potential disaster of only one person, the Treasury Secretary, being unchecked by law, court or regulation. The guy we have now is likely to be replaced after Jan 20. Who will replace him, and what about that person's credentials?

I like the leaking rowboat analogy. That got my attention.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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